What could I possibly say that would sum up the amount of joy that these two bring? Karielle + Zach are meant to be, and they showed it through and through with their willingness to travel beyond the trails of East Coast, New Hampshire to capture these unique memories.

Meeting people like Karielle + Zach keep proving it possible that photography can create new avenues for friendship, adventure, love, and lasting laughter. 

Karielle + Zach


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PRAISE THE LORD, THESE TWO MAKE ME SPEECHLESS!!! But seriously, Victoria + Brian brought it all to Rye with their love and adventure. Nothing held them back when asked how comfortable they were with leaping into the water...more than once. They brought the smoke bombs, the sparklers, and they love.

This engagement session was quite unique, because it was the first time we had to really pay attention to parking limits and navigate around other people who were finally allowed on the beach. We were incredibly lucky to have found a pretty private location due to it not being a popular choice for the beach goers. These photos completely proved those people wrong (because how gorgeous could it be?!), but that was to our lucky draw and benefit throughout the session! No complaints EVER.

Victoria + Brian


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Simply surrounded in love. Brianna, Jordan, and their beautiful daughter danced and played in Canterbury's fields of pure golden light, and the magic behind it all was beyond breathtaking. It is safe to say that this hour created a space for magic to happen, for love to flourish, and for joy to fill. 

brianna + Jordan

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