It is time, folks, that we celebrate these two incredible humans.  Brian + Tara's wedding utterly breathtaking, and the day couldn't have been any more full with love or vivacious soul.  Located at the Barn On The Pemi in Plymouth, New Hampshire, this wedding day focused upon endless mountainous views, dancing, sentimental detail, jaw-dropping "old New England" elements, and dainty lights. For two lovers of hiking and the outdoors, the cabins and barn at this venue were the perfect fit for Brian + Tara.  Truly, I have never been so in awe of a New England barn as I was with this venue's. 

Nearly seconds after exchanging vows, Tara through on her hiking boots and was ready for our one-on-one photo session with her new hubby with a wintery back-drop and nothing but uncontainable happiness.

This collection displays the photos I took alongside Katie Baca Photography as her second-shooter for the day.

Brian + Tara

Sydney Kerbyson
lifestyle photography | Est. 2019
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