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I love photos, wild romance, and dream chasers.

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Hello, Friend! I'm Sydney (my closest friends call me Syd...my parents call me Peetie).  What adventure will we be chasing today?! ♡

Located in a small nook of New Hampshire, I grew up loving to tell stories through photography.  I live and travel with my boyfriend, our tri-paw rescue lab (Hank the Tank), and enjoy life's little wonders one coffee shop at a time.

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my philosophy

Hey dreamers! The thing is, my first goal as your photographer is to capture the RAW, beautiful, moments in between the ones you think you should be looking straight into the camera for.  These days it isn't about sitting down and holding the smile until everyone is looking and not blinking.  You're looking at a whole new world of photography experiences that will take your breath away—thinking less about the photos and setting the stage for “dancing in the middle of the street” or “cuddling in front of the mountain range” moments. So, I’d say this is the very reason why you should not fall short on finding yourself a photographer that makes you feel that way. Your search should be for a photographer that also feels like your new closest friend, one that you can trust, and one as carefree as you. 

Also...guess what—You. Are. Perfect. Just. The. Way. You. Are. I realized that for myself after I hired a photographer who knew what they were doing—because lord knows I dodged every camera before that (relatable?)!

Here is my guarantee—I will run around with you, dance with you, and make you feel ALIVE while I photograph those carefree moments in your life. Your spectacular RAW smile, laughter, personality, sparkle in your eye, passion…that’s worth capturing. Trust me, the feeling of THOSE photos are going to make you feel a totally different kind of confidence and feeling of empowerment.  

Sydney Kerbyson
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